The Continuous Wearable Pulse Oximeter Changing Patient Monitoring


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Innovative systems for remotely monitoring are rapidly becoming the standard of care for patients, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote options for monitoring patients have historically been quite limited but have seen boisterous innovation in recent years. Approximately 20% of severe chronic patients consume 80% of healthcare expenses and clinician time, causing unnecessary stress, anxiety, and frustration. Most available solutions provide an incomplete set of patient data and overburden their healthcare providers’ decision-making processes. Improved data sourcing provides means for the prediction of patient complications inevitably saving patient lives. Oxitone allows clinicians to manage thousands of high-risk patients effortlessly with a single click.

Leading the Modern Trend

Oxitone boosts value-based healthcare by providing extraordinary patient, clinical, and economic outcomes, while simultaneously reducing medical utilization and cost.

Patients will see a prompt response to emergencies, while physicians benefit from easy and timely follow-ups. Oxitone entered the space of medical technology with the mission of transforming chronic disease management and has produced a robust solution in a highly accurate and FDA-cleared wrist-wearable medical device: the Oxitone 1000M wrist pulse oximeter and physiological monitor. For physicians looking to improve the efficiency of their patient interactions and outcomes, this device may prove invaluable.

Oxitone boasts a continuous monitoring platform that reduces the burden on clinicians and optimizes clinical time usage. The wearable device sees high patient compliance by providing an exceptionally comfortable system for passively monitoring their chronic conditions. The system is perfect for services such as oxygen therapy and post-acute events and rehabilitation and provides a decidedly beneficial outcome for patient health. The possibility of in-home treatments creates an immediate improvement to patient quality of life. Better patient services and outcomes and reduced hospital stays and care costs provide patients with enduring peace of mind. Remote monitoring wearables divide the demands of care flow across a healthcare system’s resources to mitigate the stress on any single party. Those with chronic conditions can rest easy knowing that their caregivers will be automatically and rapidly alerted should the need arise.

continuous wearable pulse oximeter

Digital continuous care model

One of Oxitone’s continuous wearable pulse oximeter critical innovations is its FlexSense™ elastic optical aperture. This improves measurement accuracy over existing modalities and has virtually no effect on local blood flow. Embracing the ulna bone provides an enhanced comfort level for patients while maintaining excellent usability of the device. Superior monitoring continuity also ensures an exceptional level of reliability, maintaining constant supervision of chronic disease patients by leveraging modern AI technology.

Oxitone offers disease-specific reports and a diverse range of dynamic health status baselines, including pulse oximetry, skin temperatures, and behavioral data for patient occupational health. Simultaneously, stress levels are monitored by way of heart rate variability and activity to determine the patient’s physiological stress. An integrated system for fall detection ensures a rapid response to patient emergencies. Oxitone’s wearable device provides additional capabilities for disease-specific needs.

In managing patients with chronic heart failure or COPD, the continuous wearable pulse oximeter monitors the respiratory rate and SpO2 and provides a real-time hypoxia index. Besides respiratory data, sleep data is of further usefulness in chronic patients with sleep apnea and potentially extends to other sleep disorders. Oxitone recently exemplified its versatility and adaptability as a healthcare asset in rapidly producing COVID-19 screening options to monitor patient symptoms and the generation of relevant clinical reports. An additional benefit to using this established management device is the ease with which its data generation can incorporate into established healthcare protocols.

Oxitone’s continuous wearable pulse oximeter seamlessly integrates into existing healthcare settings by offering both API and Bluetooth integration into native healthcare platforms. BLE offers direct integration of the Oxitone 1000M into existing platforms, while Oxitone’s cloud platform allows for access to patient information anywhere via their secure API. A single click provides real-time and continuous data access, and smart notifications ensure that clinicians are only notified in the case of definite anomalies by requiring five levels of verification before alerting healthcare personnel. Doctors will never be notified without need, which minimizes the unnecessary mobilization of healthcare resources and ensures that patients are always accounted for when they need help most.

Final Remarks

Oxitone has developed a unique system for the prediction and early detection of disease exacerbation and life-threatening events. This greatly benefits physicians and patients alike by streamlining patient-doctor communication channels and reducing the need for ER visits and unnecessary hospitalizations. The remote generation of medical-grade physiological data is a powerful tool for informing clinical decisions and will inevitably see an expanding role in fundamental patient care. As the global community becomes ever more closely connected, the need for safe and remote monitoring modalities will only continue to grow increasingly apparent.

Here at Oxitone, we boost value-based healthcare by delivering extraordinary patient, clinical, and economical outcomes at reduced medical utilization and cost. Patients need a prompt response to emergencies. Physicians need an easy and timely follow-up with patients. Our mission is to transform chronic disease management and help save lives worldwide.

Let’s save lives together! To see how we help remote patient monitoring companies and physicians improve the management and care of high-risk patients, contact us today!

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