Going Beyond Remote Monitoring COPD: Getting Real-Time Insights


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Traditional patient monitoring methods can be cumbersome and inefficient, demanding innovative solutions that rework the models of healthcare. The busy network of healthcare providers slows the travel of information and requires multiple components in an already complex care system. Remote monitoring solutions have seen increasing use over the years for patients of chronic illness, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Real-time insights are critical for the prediction and early detection of complications, and continuous remote patient monitoring can provide lifesaving response times in the event of emergencies, instantaneous patient information, and a higher quality of patient life.

Obstacles to Continuous Remote Monitoring COPD

Physicians need high-quality information to provide high-quality care. Monitoring patients for a continuous data stream usually requires space, systems, and staff to perform those functions. Even so, poor patient compliance can compromise even the best facilities, and human error can come up at any time. Uncomfortable or unwieldy devices are unlikely to see long-term use by patients, and practical solutions optimize both form and function. Protection of this sensitive information becomes paramount, and integrated security features are essential. Automated systems for managing patients are becoming the mainstay of modern healthcare, and patients of chronic illness see the greatest benefits, both in outcomes and quality of life.

Continuous Remote Monitoring COPD from the Comfort of Home

Continuous remote patient monitoring generates medical-grade physiological data for making clinical decisions. On-demand real-time physiological parameters allow for these decisions to be made at any time and from anywhere. Patients may return home feeling at ease, knowing that their condition will continue to be monitored from the comfort of their own home. This further complements the at-home treatment of mild complications or during oxygen therapy application, among other home-care options, while continuous remote monitoring COPD. Patients stay healthier, readmissions are reduced, and the prediction of complications can stop an event before harm occurs to the patient.

Comfort for Compliance

Not so long ago, passive monitoring with high patient compliance may have seemed an unrealistic goal. Digital health technology has brought this reality to fruition, and patients see significant value in such solutions. The Oxitone 1000M has a FlexSense™ elastic optical aperture that provides enhanced usability, reliability, and measurement accuracy. The FDA-cleared medical device is comfortable and ideal for monitoring high-risk chronic patients. This device embraces the ulna bone while not affecting local blood flow, ensuring superior monitoring accuracy and continuity. Patient compliance can be one of the weakest links in providing care, and a comfortable, convenient medical device addresses this need.

The Oxitone 1000M

The Oxitone 1000M is a powerful tool built for the future of artificial intelligence-based healthcare. Featuring both Bluetooth and API modes of connectivity, this device seamlessly integrates with existing healthcare platforms to minimize the burden of onboarding. Once in place, real-time clinical data is continuously accessible on an array of health parameters. These include:

  • General baselines, such as skin temperature, pulse, and respiratory rate
  • Heart rate variability, for a measure of physiological stress
  • Blood oxygen (SpO2) and the hypoxia index
  • Sleep monitoring for sleep apnea and other disorders
  • Motion and activity

In addition, behavior data, symptom reporting, and clinical reports further enhance the clinician’s view of the patient to help facilitate optimal clinical decisions. Meanwhile, a smart notification system ensures that no unnecessary alerts will hinder this important decision process. This device further integrates with the VitalsTone AI-powered data-analytics engine for personalized therapeutic interventions. In providing a solution for continuous remote monitoring COPD, the Oxitone 1000M grapples with the roots of disease progression to give healthcare providers the tools necessary to predict and prevent complications before they happen.

Value of the Solution

We live in an increasingly digital world, and healthcare is poised to reap some of this transformation’s most significant benefits. Traditional models are struggling to keep pace with the increasing demands of an already burdened healthcare system. The consequences of losing patients to inefficient means of measurements are too dire to ignore. Integrating digital health technology offers tangible benefits to healthcare providers, from a reduced cost of care to the optimization of clinical time. ER visits and hospitalizations can be limited, while home treatment for milder exacerbations can simultaneously improve. Hospital times can be reduced, allowing for better services and improving patient outcomes. This alleviates much of the burden on physicians and gives patients peace of mind.


Oxitone’s broader mission is to transform chronic disease management and improve the overall experience of patients and physicians. Continuous remote patient monitoring offers a rare opportunity to stop complications before they occur, while providing ongoing high-quality medical data. Real transformation occurs at the patient level, and the Oxitone 1000M improves the quality of patient lives and their outcomes. If 20% of the most severe patients with chronic illness currently require 80% of healthcare resources, what might happen if that were optimized? Let’s find out.

Here at Oxitone, we boost value-based healthcare by delivering extraordinary patient, clinical, and economical outcomes at reduced medical utilization and cost. Patients need a prompt response to emergencies. Physicians need an easy and timely follow-up with patients. Our mission is to transform chronic disease management and help save lives worldwide.

Let’s save lives together! To see how we help remote patient monitoring companies and physicians improve the management and care of high-risk patients, contact us today!

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