How Digital Patient Engagement Improves COPD Care


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The Limitations and Risks of Periodic Patient Monitoring

There are limitations to the oversight of periodic patient monitoring and inherent risks involved in the reliance on it. By utilizing continuous remote patient monitoring technologies in particular, healthcare providers can provide exceptional patient outcomes and reduce patient needs for healthcare resources and associated costs. The clinical experience can also be significantly improved by providing instant feedback on vital patient information on demand. Prompt emergency responses, passive accumulation of high-quality patient data, and improved patient compliance can make remote solutions an integral part of streamlining healthcare services and patient engagement and transforming chronic disease management.

Care and Complications of COPD

Good patient care stems from good quality patient information. Patient monitoring heavily relies on patient compliance, and low compliance translates to a lower quality of care. Naturally, improving the ease of use for monitoring equipment is one of the best methods of improving patient compliance, and integrating cybersecurity features lets patients know that their data is safe from prying eyes. The Oxitone 1000M wrist-sensor is an elegant example that brings together robust data collection of exceptional quality for clinicians and supreme comfort and convenience for patients.

COPD patients are a population especially suited to continuous remote patient monitoring. Potential complications of COPD include respiratory infections, pulmonary hypertension, heart problems, lung cancer, and depression, among others. Remote monitoring solutions offer an opportunity to safeguard against such complications by helping to catch them earlier in their course.

The Value of Continuous Remote Patient Monitoring

Continuous remote patient monitoring will be a cornerstone of medical care in coming years. The ability to track a patient’s condition over time automatically and access patient information instantly from anywhere is exceptionally powerful and easily accessible through modern technologies. Artificial intelligence is playing an ever-increasing role in healthcare, and comfortable, convenient monitoring devices will be an essential component of digital continuous care moving forward.

Oxitone’s 1000M device is one example of such technology changing the landscape of chronic disease management. At the touch of a button, healthcare providers can examine a patient’s general baseline values, such as SpO2, pulse, temperature, and respiratory rate. The device can gather behavioral data and track for sleep apnea to ensure that clinicians have all needed information to provide immediate medical care. A system of smart notifications prevents unnecessary alerts, and the device can be integrated with healthcare platforms via Bluetooth or directly through Oxitone’s continuous monitoring platform API. The result is a streamlined system for patient monitoring that cuts through the traditional costs and unwieldy inefficiencies of patient monitoring while providing instant access to high-quality medical-grade patient information.

Benefits of Patient Engagement

Patient compliance is a critical aspect of healthcare that is often difficult for physicians to modify. With the advent of wearable solutions, convenience and comfort make compliance nearly effortless on the part of patients, leading to great improvements in patient care and better outcomes. Continuous remote patient monitoring is well suited for home treatment of complications, home oxygen therapy application, and post-acute event processes and rehabilitation, leading to a much higher degree of comfort and convenience for patients. Additionally, aggregated data can facilitate the prediction of complications before they manifest clinically, leading to reduced readmissions. Physicians want real-time physiological parameters on demand, and better patient engagement through the use of easy monitoring solutions yields impressive benefits for patients and practitioners alike.

Overall, wearable digital solutions provide:

  • Cost reduction for patient care
  • Optimization of clinical time
  • Peace of mind for patients
  • Reduced burden on clinicians
  • Better services
  • A reduction in the length of hospital stays
  • Better patient outcomes

Long-Term Care and Patient Compliance

Patients are only human, and the long-term treatments of chronic illnesses can make for an exhausting regimen. Compliance naturally declines sharply with time as patients struggle to keep up with the demands of their treatment protocol, and even minor tasks can become overwhelming to maintain. Providing an effortless means of monitoring can remove a burden of care from the patient and streamline the process of gathering patient data. The Oxitone 1000M is a comfortable FDA-cleared medical device providing passive patient monitoring and improving patient compliance and quality of life in long-term care. The featured proprietary FlexSense™ elastic optical aperture offers enhanced usability, improved measurement accuracy, and exceptional reliability by providing superior comfort without affecting local blood flow.

The Oxitone 1000M enables:

  • Prediction and early detection of disease exacerbation and life-threatening events
  • Reduced ER visits and hospitalizations due to real-time monitoring of patient condition
  • Optimized home treatment of mild exacerbations, offering medical-grade monitoring from any location


Digital continuous remote patient monitoring will play an ever-increasing role in standard medical care provided to patients. Prediction of complications offers mitigation of patient mortality, and patients will seek to receive this level of healthcare as it becomes more widely available. The convenience for patients requiring long-term care for chronic diseases will make medical devices such as the Oxitone 1000M integral to the future of chronic disease management. See how we can help revolutionize your healthcare facility.

Here at Oxitone, we boost value-based healthcare by delivering extraordinary patient, clinical, and economical outcomes at reduced medical utilization and cost. Patients need a prompt response to emergencies. Physicians need an easy and timely follow-up with patients. Our mission is to transform chronic disease management and help save lives worldwide.

Let’s save lives together! To see how we help remote patient monitoring companies and physicians improve the management and care of high-risk patients, contact us today!

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