Minimizing Risks of Health Care Workers During the Corona Outbreak


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The Wohan 2019 novel Corona virus (2019-nCoV) is rapidly spreading around the world. The main mode of transmission is believed to be through droplet transmission from patients coughing or sneezing. The 2019-nCoV  and can result in severe respiratory distress, multiple organ failure, and even death. There is no specific cure or vaccination yet.

 Clinical management of patients suspected to be infected is based on quarantine and medical risk assessment based on frequent patient contact with Healthcare Workers (HCW) in and out of a hospital setting, placing HCW at risk of infection. The Oxitone 1000 is the world’s first FDA-cleared device which has the unique capability to monitor blood oxygen levels (SpO2) without a fingertip probe, therefore enabling 24/7 monitoring of patients. HCW are required to wear full protective gear including respirator, gloves, face mask and body suit when monitoring and caring for these patients…

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