What Is Digital Patient Engagement? Enhancing Remote Patient Care


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The healthcare industry is going through many changes. Easier access to medical information and countless medical options have changed patient behaviors. Many often confuse their symptoms with other afflictions and panic, which leads to a demand for more personalized care from their doctors, who find it impossible to always meet such expectations.

As a doctor, you can’t be available 24/7. There are numerous patients to care for, and you need to prioritize critical cases that demand immediate attention. The ongoing pandemic has further increased the workload. COVID-19 has a direct impact on pre-existing health conditions, and doctors are still struggling to understand it.

The situation of how to remotely care for a recovering or less critical patient has existed for a long time. Doctors have used telecommunication methods to check up on their patients, recommend alternative treatments, and perform similar activities. However, the pandemic has created an opportunity for change. Now, doctors are looking for effective strategies of digitally tracking their patients’ conditions and limiting their exposure to the virus by preventing unnecessary hospital visits.

Digital patient engagement

Digital patient engagement consists of remotely tracking patients’ conditions and using predictive models to intervene before a complication becomes a life-threatening issue. Industry experts define remote patient engagement as any series of decisions or activities that meet the following criteria.

  • Patient’s data is collected remotely without oversight from healthcare providers, who receive the data through the internet.
  • Healthcare providers evaluate the data and obtain insights by studying the patient’s history and matching their symptoms.
  • Doctors use the data-driven insights to create tailored intervention plans according to the need of the patient.

The importance of digital patient engagement

Digital patient engagement has numerous benefits for both patients and doctors. Dealing with chronic patients takes up most of any doctor’s time. Remote patient monitoring reduces that stress and ensures the same level of care for the patient.

Remote patient management is also cost-effective and better for the patient’s wellbeing. Taking care of a patient at home can reduce the overall medical cost by at least 40%. It is common knowledge that people respond better to treatments at home rather than in a hospital.

The barriers of digital patient management

The concept of digital patient management started as a self-report measure, where patients noted their vital conditions at regular intervals. The system had numerous obstacles and gaps because many patients did not like to be strapped with bulky monitors. Similarly, many doctors reported that reluctant patients had difficulty complying with the instructions, which became a source of error.

Another issue that doctors and other caregivers can face is the overall time spent on manually recording and analyzing patients’ data. Doctors are busy professionals and have no idea when they’ll be called for emergency procedures or consultations. Relying on them to conduct manual analysis can cause avoidable delays and may have consequences for the patients.

Automation and continuous management can be a solution for overcoming these barriers. You can leverage advanced monitoring technologies to ensure optimal patient care and focus on the crucial tasks.

Let’s see how continuous remote patient management (CRPM) can allow you to take better care of your patients without being overwhelmed.

How can Oxitone help?

Modern remote patient management is continuous and relies on smart wearable medical devices with integrated monitoring technologies. CRPM eliminates the need for patient compliance and allows healthcare professionals to automatically analyze data with only a few clicks. Oxitone is an end-to-end support provider that integrates healthcare providers, patients, and pharma companies on a single platform to ensure extraordinary patient care at the lowest cost. We leverage innovative medical wearable technologies and our big-data expertise to deliver round-the-clock continuous patient data. The data is then analyzed by a state-of-the-art predictive system that helps doctors respond to emergencies in time and manage patients with a proactive approach.

The Oxitone 1000M: The perfect partner for continuous care

Oxitone is proud to present the revolutionary Oxitone 1000M, the first FDA-cleared wrist-monitor for critical patients suffering from COPD and other ailments. This medical-wearable device can continuously monitor the patients’ vital parameters and transfer data through various mediums like API and Bluetooth. The device is also backed by Oxitone’s advanced AI and clinical analysis tool to help you provide the best preventive care possible.

Unlike other wearable devices, like the Fitbit and Apple watch, the Oxitone 1000M is primarily designed for medical care and maintains excellent accuracy at all times. Oxitone 1000M was developed after thorough research and countless clinical validation. It is backed by the FlexSense technology that covers the ulna bone and does not restrict the blood flow.

Here are vital parameters that Oxitone 1000M monitors.

  • Temperature
  • Activity
  • Sleep pattern
  • Blood oxygen levels
  • Pulse rate
  • HRV

We continuously advance our systems and will soon be able to detect falls and drops in respiratory rates.

We often see new surveys saying that so many doctors are overwhelmed and unable to perform their job efficiently. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, around 80% of doctors reported feeling unable to spend enough time with their patients, and 75% of doctors could not get enough sleep due to work stress. These numbers were already concerning, and they’ll continue to increase even post-pandemic.

As a doctor, you can’t afford burnout, so you must look for ways to keep your patients satisfied without taking on extra burdens. Digital patient engagement through CRPM can be the answer that you need.

Here at Oxitone, we boost value-based healthcare by delivering extraordinary patient, clinical, and economical outcomes at reduced medical utilization and cost. Patients need a prompt response to emergencies. Physicians need an easy and timely follow-up with patients. Our mission is to transform chronic disease management and help save lives worldwide.

Let’s save lives together! To see how we help remote patient monitoring companies and physicians improve the management and care of high-risk patients, contact us today!

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